"Must-haves"this fall 🍂

Although it doesn't look like fall yet with over 25 degrees in Zion, but we have already entered September ... which means colder days are coming. Fortunately Flow Fashion is slowly preparing for this and we already have a nice mix of clothes for the warmer and colder days.
For the warmer days, we have this beautiful rust colored dress in a slightly thicker material.
Dress:NAKD HERE Handbag:Glamorous UK HERE Heels:NAKD HERE
 If you don't feel like wearing a dress, we have the perfect item: this denim playsuit!
Playsuit: NAKD HERE Bob: NAKD HERE Handbag: NAKD sold out
 For the colder days, these rusty pants are very trendy right now.
T-shirt: NAKD HERE Trousers:NAKD HERE Handbag:NAKD HERE
Or maybe you fancy wearing a leather jacket instead.We have this beautiful burgundy jacket with balloon arms..
T-shirt:I laid a pearl HERE Faux leather jacket:NAKD HERE Trousers: NAKD HERE

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