The last breath of summer

Summer is slowly coming to an end, but that doesn't mean we stop wearing light clothes just yet. We still have a few favorites left that fit right in with the September heat. We have selected three outfits from NAKD, which will have you dancing during the latter part of the summer.
Outfit number 1:
The little black dress -works for every occasion

Robe noir, Glamorous UK. Robe noir, Glamorous UK, dos.

Outfit number 2:
The perfect white shorts -mixed with whatever you like.

Short blanc, tenue d'été.Short blanc, tenue d'été 2.

Outfit number 3:
The most comfortable oversized shirt -designed by Chloé B.

Chemise oversize, Chloeb. Chemize oversize, chloeb, violet.

Accessories are like fashionable vitamins
Accessoires, bague, j'ai eposeAccessoires, collier, j'ai eposeAccessoires, boucles d'oreille, j'ai epose
We hope you find something you like.
xxx Flow Fashion

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